SingMai manufacture two ranges of products.

The first, the 'DB' range, are modules that provide encoding, decoding, interfacing and transmission of SD and HD video.

The 'SM' range of products provide standalone solutions for the archiving of analogue video sources and affordable test equipment.

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'SM' Product Description Price
SM01 Portable Video Test Pattern Generator. Analogue NTSC/PAL/aCVi outputs: Digital SDI/HD-SDI/3G-SDI outputs.
SM03 Video enhancer. NTSC/PAL/SECAM inputs. Incorporates 3D comb decoder, video noise reduction and video synchroniser.
SM10 Audio Preamplifier.
SM18 Portable 10MHz 2-channel waveform generator.


'DB' Module Description Price
DB01 NTSC/PAL video decoder with adaptive 3D comb filter. CVBS In, SDI out. £595
DB02 NTSC/PAL broadcast quality video encoder. SDI in, CVBS out.  
DB04 SDI / HD-SDI / 3G-SDI to Fibre receiver/transmitter.  
DB06 aCVi HD video long distance coaxial/twisted pair cable transmitter.  
DB08 aCVi HD video long distance coaxial/twisted pair cable receiver.  
DB09 SD/HD video cable equaliser. £295
DB11 SDI / HD-SDI / 3G-SDI video text overlay.  
DB13 SDI / HD-SDI / 3G-SDI attenuator (-2dB to -34dB in 1dB increments).  



Highlighted Products:

PT6 NTSC/PAL/SECAM video decoder with 3D comb IP core.

DB09 Video receiver / cable equaliser.

PT57 'universal ' video encoder IP core.

PT55 'universal' video decoder IP core.

SM03 video processor for laserdisc and tape archiving.

DB06 video transmitter module.

DB08 video receiver module.

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