Introduction to aCVi

aCVi is SingMai's proprietary (and trademarked) method for the long distance transmission of high definition video.

aCVi can transmit high definition video across more than 300m of coaxial or twisted pair cable with near broadcast quality, and longer distances with some small signal degradation.


An EDN article on the beginnings of analogue HD video transmission:

EDN article - transmitting hd video across RG-59 cable


aCVi is available as intellectual property cores, as an encoder (transmitter) core, PT57, and a decoder (receiver) core, PT54.

aCVi long distance HD video transmission IP cores


aCVi transmit and receive modules.

aCVi transmits HD video over long distances of cable

Module Description Cost
SM06 aCVi long distance HD video transmitter.  
SM08 aCVi long distance HD video receiver.  


SM08 aCVI receiver module


aCVi Specification

Standards supported:





14.5MHz luma, 14.5MHz chroma (line multiplexed).


Transmission distance:

>300m (RG-59 coaxial cable or equivalent).

>300m (RJ-45 twisted pair cable).



Secure transmission (proprietary modulation).

Low latency (<100us transmitter to receiver).

Uncompressed transmission.

Supports bidirectional data transmission.

Supports power over cable.

  aCVi - long distance transmission of HD video

aCVi is a registered trademark of SingMai Electronics Ltd.(UK00003415921)

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