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The Managing Director

Daniel Ogilvie, our managing director, has over 40 years experience designing video products, from no-compromise broadcast quality analogue video decoders and encoders, to forensic image analysis products which can still be occasionally glimpsed on the CSI television programs. Daniel has worked for companies, large and small, in the UK, Canada, Thailand and Singapore. Daniel is a senior member of the IEEE.

Outside of work, Daniel Ogilvie is the author of three novels and has a Master's degree in Art History:

Daniel's home page may be found here:

and his full c.v. made be read here.




About SingMai.

In the Thai language SingMai means 'new idea' and that concept is at the heart of all the products we sell.

SingMai originally proposed the analogue HD transmission format that is now used internationally by security companies around the world. Innovation in our IP core portfolio has seen us sell to prestigious companies such as General Dynamics, Lockheed, L3, ATX Networks, Rhode and Schwarz, Innosilicon and Rockchip, and to 20 countries across the globe, from Canada to South Korea.

SingMai were recently awarded a contract by Scottish Enterprise and the South Ayrshire Council to develop a custom CCTV camera.

Also, SingMai are currently developing an improved VHS player which will allow faster than real time, higher quality transfer of valuable VHS tapes to a more modern digital medium.

SingMai are regular attendees to various exhibitions around the world, contribute articles to magazines and speak at conferences.

Allow SingMai's design innovation to differentiate your products in the market.



Highlighted Products:

PT6 NTSC/PAL/SECAM video decoder with 3D comb IP core.

DB09 Video receiver / cable equaliser.

PT57 'universal ' video encoder IP core.

PT55 'universal' video decoder IP core.

SM03 video processor for laserdisc and tape archiving.

DB06 video transmitter module.

DB08 video receiver module.

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