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PT11 is a 2D, adaptive, median filter for SD and HD video.


PT11 Features.

Fixed 3x3 or 5x5 filter or adaptive mode.

Supports SD and HD video.

Efficient sort algorithm.

Adaptive mode maintains high frequency detail.

Supports interlaced or progressive scan video.


The image below (left) shows corruption from 'salt and pepper' noise.

On the right is the output of the PT11 median filter in adaptive mode, preserving high frequency detail whilst almost completely removing the noise.

PT11 adaptive median filter PT11 adaptive median filter

The PT11 works well with the PT12 recursive noise reducer to almost completely eliminate noise from video images.


The PT11 IP core is sold with a single use, multiple unit license (i.e. you can use it for one project, but sell as many units of that project as you like).

The IP core is supplied as RTL compliant Verilog source code for use in all FPGAs or ASICs.

There is a one off payment for the IP core with no further payments required.

Design-in support is included for 6 months (it can be extended). On-site support is also available.




Download the PT11 user manual:

PT11 video noise reducer IP core - user manual










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