SM02 NTSC/PAL Video Test Pattern Generator.

Testing video installations or products can be very expensive and, frankly, intimidating. ScH phase, K-factor, differential phase - terms that might mean little to an engineer not steeped in video terminology.

The SM02 is designed to make video testing simple and quick. Take the subjectivity out of video testing and ensure your installations are not 'on the edge', leading to customer complaints or expensive visits to fix the problem. The SM02 is designed to work with the Tektronix VM700 video measurement kit, although it can be used effectively without. Long obsolete, the VM700 is still available on e-Bay, or better, from second-hand test equipment equipment suppliers. Together the SM02 and VM700 can perform single button measurements of all the video parameters to ensure your product is premium and avoid those field call rates compromising your product and your company's reputation.

The SM02 supports PAL and NTSC-M.


Download the SM02 user manual:

SM02 video test pattern generator user manual





SM02 Specification.

Analogue output:




75%/100%/SMPTE/75%+Red Colour bars: Black/White/50% grey flat fields: Bounce, 2T, 20T and Pulse bar, Ramp, 5/10 step linearity: CCIR17/18 and 331, FCC MB, N7C MBF and N7C MPF: 6MHz Luma sweep: 2.75MHz chroma sweep, Crosshatch, Moving box, Safe area, Circular zone plate.



+5VDC (Universal AC-DC converter supplied) or rechargeable battery (NiMh - more than 4 hours continuous use).


120mm x 80mm x 30mm

SM02 NTSC PAL video pattern generator


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