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PT5 is a broadcast quality video decoder with adaptive 3D comb filter

Large screen displays, mobile analogue TV reception and video compression have put even greater demands on the analogue video decoder. For example residual artifacts from a single IC line comb decoder use up valuable bandwidth when the signal is compressed - up to 20%. The same artifacts become even more visible when processed by large TV display de-interlacers. Mobile TV reception requires extremely robust sync detection and interfacing to fixed frequency video demodulators.

PT5 is designed to address all of these issues and more. PT5 can accept fixed rate sampling at its input allowing easy interfacing to video demodulators. Fixed rate sampling also allows the use of multiple single package ADCs or over-clocking of a single ADC at the analogue front end when many decoders are required (e.g. matrix display security systems) for a low cost application. The adaptive 3D comb filter switches on a pixel by basis between notch, line, field and and frame comb filters based on a quality measurement of all modes producing a very low artifact output even on the most 'difficult' video sources.

  • PAL-B/D/G/I/M/N, NTSC-M/J decoding.
  • Pixel by pixel adaptation between notch, 2D 3 line comb and 3D field/frame combs.
  • Low latency of <100us. No compensating audio delay required.
  • 12 bit data paths.
  • Very robust sync detection and clock recovery.
  • Option for fixed rate input sampling allows interface to video demodulators or multiplexed analogue channels through a single ADC, (minimal analogue area for multiple channels).
  • Able to share existing DDR memory.

Download the PT5 user manual:

An article on comb filtering may be found by following this link.

The 3D frame comb produces noticeably less artifacts (left) than a typical line comb decoder (right).

The 3D frame comb produces noticeably less artifacts (left) than a typical line comb decoder (right).





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