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PT12 is a motion adaptive 3D video noise reducer IP core

PT12 is a video noise reducer IP core. It accepts video in either BT656 (SD) or BT1120 (HD) format. It reduces random noise in images (both luma and chroma) by recursive filtering which requires a single frame delay that can be shared with other external memory in the system.

To avoid blurring of moving objects the PT12 detects motion and applies a non-linear filter to the feedback.

For very high levels of noise this motion adaption can be turned off. PT12 is ideal for the pre-processing of images intended for compression as it removes noise that the encoder can interpret as motion video.

  • Motion adaptive 3D recursive video noise reduction.
  • Supports all video standards up to 1080p/60Hz (148.5MHz).
  • Very compact core.
  • Requires a single external frame of memory.
  • Minimal motion blurring.
  • Motion adaption can be turned off for very high levels of noise.
  • Latency is <1us.

Download the PT12 user manual:


The PT12 reduces noise in video images without image blurring (original image on the left, noise reduced image on the right).





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