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aCVi is a video interface for transmitting SD and HD video over long distances of coaxial or twisted pair cable.

Transmit your analogue NTSC/PAL or HD-SDI video source over more than 300m of low cost coaxial or twisted pair cable (more than 500m with reduced specification). No user adjustment or calibration is necessary as aCVi automatically detects the input video standard and compensates for the cable length.

To transmit HD video, just plug the video source into the SM06 aCVi transmitter module and the aCVi output into your cable. Plug the end of the aCVi cable into the SM08 aCVi receiver and its output into your monitor or DVR.

View a presentation on aCVi:

SM06 user manual

aCVi has applications in:

  • CCTV/security.
  • Industrial inspection.
  • Remote imaging.
  • Subsea imaging, ROV vehicles.
  • Pipeline inspection.
  • Vehicle cameras.
  • Information displays.
  • 3D/stereo inspection.

aCVi currently supports NTSC, PAL, 720p-50/60Hz and 1080p-24/25/30Hz video standards.

aCVi is available as encoder (PT55) and decoder (PT51) IP cores or as complete boxed modules.

For more information, please follow the links below:

PT55 aCVi encoder IP core.

PT51 aCVi decoder IP core.

SM06 NTSC/PAL/HD-SDI to aCVi transmitter module.

SM08 aCVi to SDI/HD-SDI receiver module.





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