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SM09D Video Test Pattern Generator
SM05 NTSC/PAL Video Test Pattern Generator/Encoder
SM01 NTSC/PAL/SDI Video Pattern Generator and Encoder
HD-SDI/3G-SDI video pattern generator
  • Battery operated video test pattern generator.
  • HD-SDI/3G-SDI output.
  • 16 broadcast specification, 10-bit test patterns.
  • Compact (120 x 78 x 27mm) and affordable.
  • Compatible withe SM20 controller module.
  • Generates 20 NTSC/PAL broadcast quality patterns.
  • Accepts SDI (SMPE-259M) inputs which it encodes to NTSC or PAL outputs.
  • Inserts Vertical Insertion Test Signals (VITS).
  • Circular zone plate pattern.
  • Compact (120 x 78 x 27mm) and affordable.
  • Broadcast quality video test patterns including a circular zone plate and 12MHz hroizontal sweep.
  • Supports all NTSC and PAL standards as well as 960H and 1280H formats.
  • CVBS,YPbPr and SDI outputs.
  • SMPTE-259M input encoded to CVBS / YPbPr outputs.
  • Noise and hum generator.




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