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SM09D Video Test Pattern Generator
SM11 True '3 chip' 960H camera module
SM04 SDI/HD-SDI Waveform Monitor
HD-SDI/3G-SDI video pattern generator
  SM11 true '3 chip'960H camera module  
SDI/HD-SDI video waveform monitor
  • Battery operated video test pattern generator.
  • HD-SDI/3G-SDI output.
  • 16 broadcast specification, 10-bit test patterns.
  • Compact (120 x 78 x 27mm) and affordable.
  • Compatible withe SM20 controller module.
  • 960 x 540 x RGB (3x) pixel array.
  • Simultaneous digital and analogue outputs.
  • 42 x 42mm module.
  • No de-Bayer mosaicing artifacts.
  • Low noise and good sensitivity.
  • Battery operated video waveform monitor.
  • Two SDI or HD-SDI inputs with loop-through.
  • Picture or waveform display.
  • Line select.
SB13 Low Cost Controller board
SM05 NTSC/PAL Video Test Pattern Generator/Encoder
SB07 42x42mm aCVi transmitter module
Low cost microcontroller board
    42x42mm aCVI transmitter module for CCTV camera
  • Altera Cyclone IV EP4CE15 FPGA.
  • 2 single and 1 double row Pmod connector*.
  • Bundled with encrypted 'black box' PT13 microprocessor IP core.
  • 8x2 character LCD display
  • 30 GPIO expansion connector.

* Pmod is a trademark of Digilent Inc.

  • Generates 20 NTSC/PAL broadcast quality patterns.
  • Accepts SDI (SMPE-259M) inputs which it encodes to NTSC or PAL outputs.
  • Inserts Vertical Insertion Test Signals (VITS).
  • Circular zone plate pattern.
  • Compact (120 x 78 x 27mm) and affordable.
  • Standard 42x42mm form factor.
  • BT1120 video input format.
  • Automatic cable length equalisation.
  • Bidirectional data.
  • Remote camera sensor control.
SM03 NTSC/PAL Video Input Processor
SM05 NTSC/PAL Video Encoder/Test Pattern Generator
SM03 NTSC/PAL video input processor
  SM05 NTSC/PAL video encoder and test pattern generator    
  • Adapative 3D comb decoding of NTSC and PAL video.
  • Motion adaptive video noise reduction.
  • 12 bit ADC and 10 bit data paths.
  • Full frame synchroniser for stable, low jitter output.
  • HDMI output format.
  • Compatible with SM20 controller for complete video processing control.


  • NTSC/PAL video encoder.
  • SDI inputs or 10 selectable video test patterns.
  • Cross-colour/cross-luma reduction mode.
  • Very high quality video outputs.




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