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An Afternoon Diversion: Design your own microprocessor.

Electronics World: December 2014: Evaluating Video Systems

EE Times: March 2013: How FPGAs are breathing New Life into the Analog Video formats


EDN: December 2012: Transmitting HD video over RG-59 cable


EDN: July 2012: Revisiting the Analogue Video Decoder : Brushing up on your Comb Filters


EDN: September 2008: Using FPGAs in Consumer Electronics


Electronics Today International: January 1987: An RGB-Composite converter


Electronics Today International: September 1986: A Low Cost Digital Framestore


Electronics Today International: Summer 1986: A Digital Framestore


System International: March 1986: Micro Imaging

Transmitting HD video over RG-59 cable, EDN magazine



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