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SingMai was founded in 2007 by Daniel Ogilvie. Research and development is based in Ayr, Scotland while manufacturing is subcontracted.

Daniel Ogilvie is the Managing Director. He has worked for companies in such diverse fields as university physics research support, high-end broadcast video, DVD recorder front end semiconductors, video decoder IC design and high volume consumer electronics in countries as varied as Canada, USA, UK, Thailand and Singapore.

Products that Daniel has been involved in include forensic glass refractive index measurement equipment (occasionally featured on the US TV program, CSI); very low-light photon counting video processors; broadcast quality FPGA based video decoders, very high resolution real-time video processors and IC design of video input processors.

Daniel is a senior member of the IEEE, has a Masters degree in Art History and is the author of three books (you can read more about the books here: Books).





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