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SM16 is a dual channel HD-SDI to aCVi transmitter module

aCVi is a video interface for transmitting SD and HD video over long distances of coaxial or twisted pair cable.

SM16 accepts two independent channels of HD-SDI which it encodes to two aCVi outputs making it ideal for transmitting stereo/3D camera video. It is available either as a built and tested PCB (SB16) for incorporation into your own products, or as a complete boxed module (SM16).

aCVi has applications in:

  • CCTV/security.
  • Industrial inspection.
  • Remote imaging.
  • Subsea imaging, ROV vehicles.
  • Pipeline inspection.
  • Vehicle cameras.
  • Information displays.
  • 3D/stereo inspection.

SM16 Dual channel HD-SDI to aCVi transmitter module

SM16 is a dual channel HD-SDI to aCVi converter module.

  • Two completely independent transmit channels.
  • Simultaneous coaxial and twisted pair cable support.
  • Accepts 720p-25/30/50/60Hz, 1080p-24/25/30Hz and 1080i-50/60Hz video standards.
  • Automatic video standard detection.
  • HD-SDI input format.
  • 30MHz luma bandwidth and 7.5MHz chroma bandwidth (4:1:1 format)
  • Fully specified for transmission of >300m (RG-59 coaxial).
  • Automatic cable length equalisation.


Download the SM16/SB16 user manual.

SM06 user manual


For the highest quality and reliability, the SM16/SB16 modules use Analog Devices components.


The SM16/SB16 may be purchased online using all major credit cards or via PayPal.
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Factory set Cable Type


Factory set Cable Type



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