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SM20 is a controller module for all SingMai modules.

SM20 is a controller module that allows the control of parameters for all the SingMai modules (that have the controller interface).

When plugged into the module, menus are automatically uploaded to the controller which then allows those user parameters to be set - the new settings can be stored on the target module. Only one controller is needed for all of SingMai's modules.

Features of the SM20 include:

  • Controls all of the SingMai modules (fitted with the controller interface).
  • Menus are uploaded from the module, future proofing the controller.
  • Simple controller interface with LCD display.
  • Draws power from the module.
  • Low cost .


Download the SM20 user manual.

The SM20 may be purchased online using all major credit cards or via PayPal.
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