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SM13 is a low cost controller board and PT13 compact microprocessor demonstrator.

SM13 is a compact, low cost, controller module, based on an Altera EP4CE15 FPGA. It is intended as a deomstrator for the SingMai PT13 microprocessor but may be used a standalone controller or for education purposes.

Features of the SM13 include:

  • Altera Cyclone IV EP4CE15 FPGA (15408 logic elements, 504kb memory, 56 18x18 multipliers).
  • Active serial FPGA programming connector with 4Mb serial EEPROM and JTAG interface.
  • 2 single and 1 double row Pmod connector*. (Pmod modules)
  • 8x2 character LCD display.
  • 5 push button switches.
  • Digital encoder.
  • IR remote controller receiver.
  • 30 GPIO expansion connector (user selectable 3.3V or 2.5V [LVDS] voltage).
  • Universal AC input power supply.
  • Bundled with encrypted 'black box' PT13 microprocessor IP core.

* Pmod is a trademark of Digilent Inc.


Download the SM13 user manual.

The SM13 may be purchased online using all major credit cards or via PayPal.
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