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SM04D: SDI / HD-SDI Waveform monitor

SM04D is a broadcast quality SD/HD video picture and waveform monitor.

SM04D can switch between two SDI or HD-SDI video inputs while providing a loop-thro output of the selected input. The 1024 x 600 pixel LCD display can display the picture of the selected input for monitoring purposes or show the YCbCr waveforms for level monitoring or performance checking. Line select and zoom modes allow a detailed analysis of the waveform to be performed.

SM04D is easy to operate, affordable and compact, and can run on its own internal batteries for up to 4 hours.

It is perfect for the evaluation and measurement of SD/HD video products and systems in industries such as security (CCTV), industrial inspection and broadcast TV.

Inputs: 5VDC power (100-260VAC adaptor supplied). Internal NiMh batteries allow up to 4 hours of continuous operation.

Dimensions: 220 x 160 x 27mm.

Inputs: 2 x SDI - SMPTE259M / HD-SDI - SMPTE292M (BNC)

Output: SDI / HD-SDI loop-thro (BNC).

Standards: 515i, 625i, 720p-25/30/50/59/60Hz, 1080p-24/25/29/30Hz, 1080i-50/59/60Hz.


The SM04D may be purchased online using all major credit cards or via PayPal.

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