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PT57 is an character/text overlay for HD video

PT57 is a character generator / text overlay for high definition video. PT57 is ideal for inserting text, channel IDs, menus, status and titles while using minimal FPGA/ASIC resources.

PT57 offers 112 pre-programmed characters which can be inserted into an HD video source. The PT57 character generator uses just 24k of memory (single port ROM) and the character memory can be programmed for just the size required being programmable for both width and height. The colour of the character and the background is programmable.


Low cost.

Small footprint. The character generator is 24kbits in size and the character memory is programmable in width and height.

Uses just 270 logic elements (<4000 gates).

Supports 720p/25,30,50,59.94,60Hz; 1080p/24,25,29.97,30Hz and 1080i/50,59.94,60Hz standards.

112 pre-programmed characters and symbols.

12x16 pixel character size.

Programmable character and background colours.

Easy interfacing.



Download the PT57 user manual.

PT57 user manual

PT57 character / text overlay for HD video



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