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PT4 is a high quality NTSC/PAL video decoder

PT4 is a high quality line comb video decoder. Its proprietary line decoder architecture provides high quality decoding with very few artifacts. PT4 is very compact and will fit in the smallest of FPGAs or allow multiple instances in an ASIC.

PT4 is also very robust and is able to lock to video signals with very high levels noise or high levels of instability.

  • PAL-B/D/G/I/M/N, NTSC-M/J decoding.
  • CVBS or Y/C input modes.
  • Square pixel mode (29.5MHz PAL or 24.54MHz NTSC).
  • 3 line comb filter, even for PAL, allowing better line combing.
  • Analogue and digital automatic gain control.
  • Automatic chroma gain control.
  • Proprietary decoder architecture for lower artifacts.
  • 10 bit data paths.
  • Very robust sync detection and clock recovery.
  • Two lock modes available.
  • Compact design.
  • Evaluation board available (SB10).

Download the PT4 user manual:





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