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SB03: NTSC / PAL Video Decoder module (PT5 demonstrator)

SB03 is an NTSC / PAL video decoder used to demonstrate and evaluate the PT5 3D comb video decoder IP core. It accepts either NTSC-M or PAL video formats, which it it filters and conditions for conversion to digital video using a 12 bit ADC sampled at 54MHz.

The PT5 video decoder is installed on an Altera EP3C40 FPGA. The SB03 supports both the crystal PLL and the sample rate converter lock modes of the PT5. The BT656 output of the PT5 drives an HDMI transmitter for evaluation of the PT5.

  • 12 bit ADC and 10 bit data paths.
  • Programmed with PT5 video decoder.
  • Integrated SDRAM controller for the 3D comb filter.
  • HDMI compatible output.
  • Supports both crystal PLL and sample rate converter lock modes.
  • Full frame synchroniser provides low jitter outputs with unstable inputs.
  • Supplied with universal input 5VDC AC-DC power supply.



For the highest quality and reliability, the SB03 module uses Analog Devices components.


The SB03 may be purchased online using all major credit cards or via PayPal.

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Download the SB03 user manual.

SM03 video input processor user manual

Download the SB03 top level Verilog files and SDRAM controller.





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