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Product areas
  • Long distance transmission of video.
  • Decoding and encoding of analogue video.
  • Video test equipment.
  • Video noise reduction.
  • Video camera interfacing and design.
  • Broadcast TV.
  • Remote video inspection.
  • CCTV/Security.
  • Subsea/pipeline inspection.
  • Industrial imaging.
  • Vehicle cameras.
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  • Another China company have successfully taped-out our PT51 NTSC/PAL/aCVi video decoder IP core.
  • A well-known and established Chinese company has received working test chips incorporating the SingMai PT5 3D comb video decoder.
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Introduction to SingMai
Featured product
  • Formed in 2009.
  • Customers include Rhode and Schwarz, Lockheed, L3, Rockchip and HikVision.
  • Inventors of analogue HD transmission.
  • Design and Reuse IP partner.
  • View the company presentation here.
  • SM06, long distance video transmitter module.
  • Accepts SD (525i/625i) and HD video in either SDI/HD-SDI or DVI formats (auto-standard detection).
  • Transmits the uncompressed video at high quality (30MHz luminance bandwidth) over either twisted pair or coaxial cable.
  • Automatic cable length compensation (no setup or calibration required).
  • Bidirectional data transfer (RS232 interface).
  • Transmits HD video > 500m over coaxial cable.
  • Telephone: +66-81-7576661
  • e-mail:
  • Skype: singmai.electronics

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