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SingMai Electronics bring years of experience and design innovation to bear on the creation of a range of products for Video and Imaging applications.


Video Transmission

Video Transmission

Long distance video transmission of SD and HD video.

Supports up to 1080p/50-60Hz standards.

Transmits >500m over low cost coaxial cable and >300m over UTP twisted pair cable.

50MHz luma bandwidth.

Uncompressed and very low latency.

HDMI and HD-SDI interfaces.

Available as built and tested modules, IP cores or finished products.

Complete HD camera module available.

Applications in remote/subsea inspection and CCTV.


Video Test Equipment

SM01 Video Test Generator

NTSC-M/J. PAL-BG/I/60. SDI. PAL-M. NTSC-443. YPbPr. CVBS. aCVi, PAL-N. 960H, 1280H

HD-SDI/SDI video encoder.

Dozens of patterns.

White noise and hum generator.

Zone plate generator.

Programmable 12MHz horizontal sweep generator.

Video IP Cores

Video IP cores banner

Broadcast quality NTSC/PAL video decoders with sample rate converter, 960H support and adaptive 3D comb filter.

Broadcast quality NTSC/PAL video encoder with 960H support and cross-colour and cross-luma reduction.

Motion adaptive video/image noise reducer IP core for SD, 960H and HD resolutions.

Real time histogram equalisation.

aCVi HD video transmission Encoders and Decoders.


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