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SingMai Electronics bring years of experience and design innovation to bear on the creation of a range of products for Video and Imaging applications.


aCVi is a proprietary, low cost, interface for high definition video that is capable of transmitting more than 500m over RG-59 or CAT5 cable.

    Distances of >500m at 720p/60Hz achievable with RG-59/CAT-5 cable.
    Low cost of implementation.
    Bi-directional data transfer.
    Automatic cable length equalisation.
    No coding artifacts and almost zero latency.
    Can support all video standards including non-standard video (e.g. HD-CCD).
    Backward compatible with NTSC/PAL transmission.
    'Graceful' signal degradation over extreme distances.



SingChips are pre-programmed, state of the art, FPGAs offering broadcast quality video decoders and encoders as well as other video and image processing functions in a small footprint, low cost, easy to implement solution.

    Low cost.
    Supplied with schematics and Gerber files.
    Sate of the art video processing functions.
    Low power.
    Proven in the field.
    Evaluation boards available.

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